Ifoulki Argan Oil 100ml black


Ifoulki Argan Oil is an antiquated beauty treatment derived from the Argania Spinosa tree that is endemic to Southern Morocco •The 100% pure Liquid Gold has a profusion of antioxidant vitamin E, Omega-6 fatty and linoleic acids that moisturises the skin •Ifoulki Argan Oil is exemplary for nourishing and strengthening the skin, hair and helping to protect against ageing •As featured in Beau Monde magazine! •The importance of organic products has become more popular than ever due to peoples awareness of how we should be conscious of what it is that we are putting onto our sensitive and unique skin. Our Argan oil is pure, deriving from the roots of Argan trees in Morocco. Nothing is mixed with the oil to change the odor, texture and color of it, leaving the oil as fresh and vintage as can be. We are proud to represent such a raw & unprocessed product



Instructions for using Ifoulki Argan Oil

Face treatment: Apply every night two drops on the face and neck after having washed them well.

Treatment of scars: The Argan Oil is traditionally used for its virtues in scarring over in the treatment of the chikepox and the teenagers acné: – Apply when necessary on the affected areas.

Hair treatment: To give back vigour and health to weakened hair and to protect hair against the dehydration: – Apply on the hair 30 min before shampooing, then wash and rinse. – Use as hair oil by passing three drops gently on the hair. Give more attention to the end of the hair.

Bodytreatment: To prevent cutaneous drying up and to stimulate and strengthen areas which are weak and losing elasticity: – Smear body with Argan Oil 45 min before bath or shower. – Use and massage gently to make it penetrate. – Use and reuse until your skin recovers its flexibility and sweetness.

Fingernails treatment: To strengthen slack fingernails: – Wash hands well, dip fingernails into a balanced mixture of lemon juice and treatment oil Argan for about 15 min, at least once a week.

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