Internship: Marketing & Communication

Ifoulki Argan Oil is a company founded by two ambitious women who want to share their beauty rituals from their roots with the world. This company is existing one year.

One of the goals is to improve the working and living conditions of the locals in Essaouira by following our fair trade policy. Choosing Ifoulki argan oil means receiving 100% biological traditional biological while supporting the locals in Essaouira. Job requirements:

We are looking for a trainee who will manage the communication part. Do you think the world of beauty and everything that comes with that is interesting? Then this company is the right place for you!

You will perform all the work in communications. You could think of:

• contributing to the development of communication

• writing a communication plan

• advising on the implementation of the communication policy

• writing articles for the website / webshop

• advertising on social media

• contributing to a successful marketing policy

Working conditions:

We are offering a challenging internship to a young and innovative company where you have the opportunity to gain extensive practical experience. You have to be available for a period of 20 weeks with a minimum availability of four days a week. It is an internship at our office at the Westersingel. We are always open for your ideas on the terms of the internship.

Contact information:

Are you are interested in this internship? Respond to info@ifoulkiarganoil.com and send your CV and cover letter to us. For more information please contact Iman Hassan | Tel:   06-46380393